How does the membership work?

When you register for a membership, it starts the day you sign up.  It will continue until the same day of the following month. All memberships include unlimited classes.  While we have no commitment or cancellation fees, your membership will automatically renew unless cancelled via email to skywayfitness@comcast.net or in person.

Do I need to sign up for classes?

While a member is always welcome to walk-in to any class, it is suggested that you register for classes in advance.  This ensures that a spot will be available to you should a class be full, and also that you are notified should a class be cancelled. Registration is simple, either via our online calendar, or through the Zen Planner applications available for either Iphone or Android devices.

Do you have changing rooms?

Yes, we currently have three changing rooms with sinks, and two bathrooms.  We are in the process of adding showers at our facility and they will be completed shortly.

What should I bring with me for classes?

We pride ourselves on providing everything a member needs to complete their workout!  Need a Yoga or Pilates Mat?  We have you covered, and at no cost.  A towel for spin class?  Again, it's on us!  The only thing we ask you provide is water, but no worries, if you forget we have all of those for sale on-site.

Do you provide corporate event services?

Absolutely!  We have put together some of the most exciting competitions for local businesses, whether it be for a hour or a day.  Please contact us at info@skywayfitness.com to inquire about available dates and pricing for hosting your upcoming event.

Do you offer beginner classes?

Yes.  We offer beginner classes throughout the month for all of our different classes.  Our instructors will also guide you through any class should you not be able to make a beginner class, or want to wait for it.  We at SkyWay Fitness pride ourselves on ensuring that every client is made to feel comfortable, and that each and every exercise is led by example and thorough guidance.

Thinking about joining?

View our membership options here!  $19.99 for a new member, unlimited classes!

Would you like to schedule a corporate event?

Drop us a line today for a free quote!