How I got here

How I got here.


Where to start….  Well, I was one of those lucky kids who was naturally thin.  I know that doesn’t sound like a problem to most, but I have heard every skinny joke possible.  When I was 21 I became pregnant with my first child and gained 66lbs throughout that pregnancy.  I struggled to lose that weight and within a year after having my first child I was again expecting.  During my second pregnancy, I had gained almost 60 more pounds, and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.  By the time the 2nd child was born, I was about 200lbs.  Unfortunately for me the baby that came out was not 60lbs…

With all that additional weight, I noticed that I became winded walking up and down the stairs and how much more of a chore it was to do everyday things.  I also noticed the difference in how some people treated me.  Prior to the weight gain, people would hold the door for me.  Now that I was heavier this didn’t seem to happen whether I was alone or I had my hands full with two children.  I really wanted a gym membership, but we were young and money was extremely tight.  Coupled with that, it takes an enormous amount of work to get out of the house with two young children.

Mason, my second child, was about three months old when I was nursing him at 2am and turned on the TV.  A Winsor Pilates infomercial was on, featuring Elizabeth Berkley Lauren (otherwise known as Jessie Spano from Saved by the Bell).  She stated she was doing Pilates to get in shape for her performance in the movie “Show Girls”.  I had tears in my eyes because I wanted to look like her and feel good about myself again.  While nursing my baby, I found the cordless phone, dug through my purse for my credit card and ordered it immediately.  The infomercial instructed me that if I did 30 minutes of Pilates six days a week, I could look like her.  I couldn’t wait to get my delivery and spent the next week awaiting it’s arrival.

I was a stay at home mom, so when it finally arrived I would sneak in 30 minutes while the kids were napping to practice.  The dishes in the sink would have to wait, I was on a mission!  After I started Pilates, I began making little changes elsewhere in my life.  I started parking further away in parking lots, and wearing ankle weights around the house while I vacuumed.  I Also tried to keep following my diabetic diet, which I had throughout my pregnancy.  To my surprise, it began to work and the weight was beginning to disappear.

I was extremely proud of all my hard work. My youngest child was about to start kindergarten, and it was time for me to jump back into the workforce.  I needed a job with flexible hours so I could still drive the children around and I also decided to take what I learned over the years and put it to work.  Luckily for me, my partner was completely supportive.  I began the 9-month course for STOTT Pilates along with other exercise science classes at a local college.

I have worked at big box fitness clubs and small mom and pop shops.  I have seen the good and bad of fitness pursuits.   Today, I own my own fitness studio with my family in downtown St. Paul.  The lessons I have learned have taught me how important fitness is for everyone.  It requires a personal touch, something that SkyWay Fitness can offer to all.  I recently had my 3rd child and learned the importance of working out while I was pregnant along with the satisfaction of losing weight again after age 35……

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