Polar Heart Rate Monitoring – Live at SkyWay Fitness

You have probably been made aware that we now have Polar Heart Rate monitoring at SkyWay Fitness.  We added this because heart-rate training benefits everyone, from those just beginning to exercise or trying to lose weight, to individuals trying to improve their cardiovascular fitness, to the highly-conditioned athlete preparing for the next competition.  We are asking that you create a free Polar Flow account. The reason you are creating this account is to ensure the workout you get will be completely tailored to you.  While creating your free Polar account, it will ask for your age, height, weight, etc. to make sure you know exactly what your target heart rate zones are for your workout sessions.  You will be able to keep track of your progress with our Polar scale and Polar Beat app, which leaves no more guessing games with your workouts! You will know you are achieving the absolute best results that day.

50% – 60%
of your max. heart rate
This zone encourages the flow of blood, which is key to maintaining a healthy heart and improving recovery after difficult workouts.
60% – 70%
of your max. heart rate
At a light intensity, this zone enhances your endurance and the efficiency with which you use fat and carbohydrates as fuel.
70% – 80%
of your max. heart rate
Workouts in this zone help to improve aerobic fitness (your body’s utilization of oxygen) and delay the fatigue caused by lactic acid.
80% – 90%
of your max. heart rate
In this zone, you’re improving your maximum performance capacity. Training at this intensity level is recommended for short periods of time.
90% – 100%
of your max. heart rate
The maximum zone is for experienced athletes only. Short bouts in this high-intensity zone help to develop top-end speed and overall performance.

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