March 1st - 31st

$31 for 31 days!

Its a weight loss competition that will provide results!  Utilizing the state of the art Polar heart rate monitors we can track your calories burned, obtain the correct zones based on your heart rate to allow you to burn additional calories 24 hours after your workout!

The Polar Heart Rate can be used in any classes, but are especially effective in the Cardio classes, and High Intensity classes.  The can monitor your heart rate, count the calories burned, and provide vital information in regards to your overall fitness level and where you need to be to maximize caloric burn.

  • Cost: $31 For Non-Members(includes one month of unlimited classes - FREE for current members
  • Contest begins on March 1st and runs until March 31st
  • Utilizes mini challenges that can be performed at home or at the studio
  • This program is points based.  You will earn points by attending classes, losing weight, gaining muscle mass,  and sharing healthy recipes.  The winner will be determined by the above and a formula based on the following measurements taken by a Body Composition Monitor (Body Fat Percentage, BMI, Skeletal Muscle, Resting Metabolism, Visceral Fat, Body Age, Lactate Threshold, Weight)
  • The contest will help you lose weight or simply help you tone up and take control of your health & wellness
  • Measurements will be taken once a week and it takes less than 3 minutes

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